Australian Sikh Gurudwara Council and World Sikh Parliament Australia held a online conference on the current issues of Farm Bills 2020 & Farmer protests in Punjab. The conference was attended by members of various organization & sports clubs from all over Australia. Prominent organizations that participated include Australian Sikh Association Sydney, Sikh Federation of Australia, Akhand Kirtani Jatha Australia, Gurudwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha Craigieburn, Gurudwara Sarbart Khalsa Adelaide, Revesby Gurudwara Sydney, Gurdwara Singh Sabha Griffith, United Sikhs, and Khalsa Education Society.

The following are the proposed recommendations that the conference reached upon:

• Farmer’s protests & Morcha in the Punjab, Haryana & other Indian states, against 3 Agricultural bills passed by Modi Government is fully supported considering these bills as death warrants for the farmers, labourers and small businesses.

• The Farmers movement should be carried out peacefully by all means. No violence be allowed at all. The Government might try to use all means to create violence to derail the movement.

• Items produced or marketed by big Sharks like Adanis & Ambanis and media controlled by them or RSS should be completely boycotted.

• MSP (Minimum Support Price) should not be the only aim of the Morcha rather every farmer must have the right to set the price of their produce or other conditions to improve economic conditions of the farmers committing suicides.

• All Farmer, Labour, small traders or employees unions or organisations through out India should jointly support the Farmers fighting for their rights, & create pressure on Narinder Modi lead RSS Government to take these black bill’s back.

• All Gurudwaras should create a legal cell/fund. A properly drafted representation should be made to the leaders concerned on issues directly impacting the community. Programs should be framed encouraging youth to participate and to widely understand community issues so that they can pass on that knowledge to the next ge  neration


Australian Sikh Conference in Support of Punjab Farmers

Australian Sikh Conference in Support of Punjab Farmers

Posted by Australian Sikh Gurudwaras Council on Saturday, 17 October 2020